Environmental Rant #climatechange #environment

Some say that we have passed the Tipping Point and that runaway global warming is now the inevitable consequence of the man-made climate change we have been witnessing in recent decades.

If we are to avoid the unthinkable consequences of this, we must.

  1. Stop eating meat

  2. Stop deforestation

  3. stop using plastic

  4. stop poisoning our oceans

  5. stop using fossil fuels

I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth already and can feel the breeze from thousands of hands being thrown in the air in horror. There are, of course, innumerable reasons to continue doing many of the above 5 activities. The main reason to stop is that if we don't, as a species, we will die!

By enacting these five strategies will almost certainly stabilise carbon dioxide levels and GSMT (Global Mean Surface Temperature) and thereby allow our planet the time and opportunity to heal and repair itself. This is superbly described in ‘The World Without Us’ by Alan Weisman.

Despite the fact that many of us know we must do some or all of these 5 things, either entirely or to some extent, our leaders appear to be suffering some form of paralysis. We need a Messiah to mobilise public opinion and galvanized world leaders into action.

Who could this be? We may immediately think of captains of industry such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk . These are some of the most powerful, influential and visionary people of our age. They are however only human and have their own flaws and vulnerabilities.

The prospect of any person, organisation or movement presenting itself and managing to convince all the governments of the world to work in common cause does seem a little far-fetched.

As if to amplify the perilous nature of our situation asthma, hay-fever, coeliac disease, cancer and other diseases and conditions appear to be on the increase. With significant medical advances over the last 100 years and a far better educated population it is not clear how this is the case. Perhaps we are slowly poisoning our environment. Pollutant emissions in the air, pesticides and fertilizer runoff in our water courses, acid rain and the gradual accumulation of plastics in our food chain.

We realised 40 or 50 years ago, how damaging tobacco smoke was to human health. How long will it take us to accept that we are complicit in degrading the air, water and food we rely upon for our very existence?

The technological tools required to overcome this most serious of dilemmas are all available to us. Some may need refined and optimised but we are not waiting for a silver bullet technology to be developed.

What we lack is cooperation, action and momentum from our leaders. Where will we find the Messiah, we need to save our species?