What Should I Put in My Hip-Flask?

A hip-flask is clearly a very useful device and its purpose requires little explanation. It is especially useful at weddings and other social events. Mine, however, sees most action during rugby internationals at Murrayfield or wherever else Scotland may be playing.

I often find myself in a dilemma as to what to fill my hip-flask with. I know the answer is whisky but it’s never quite that straightforward. Should it be a good blend or a fine single malt? I can think of no good reason why not. Sometimes, however, the sweetness of a Rusty Nail can be greatly welcomed at the half-time break. (I usually manage to wait that long)! Others have suggested Gin, but clearly that is just plain wrong. I often favour the Rusty Nail as it affords an opportunity to use up blended whisky supplies or less favoured malts whilst still enjoying them. This retains better malts for enjoying on cosy evenings after hearty dinners at home.

I’d be very interested to hear what others may fill their hip-flasks with.