Laphroaig – The Marmite of Malt Whisky

Anyone who has shown an interest in malt whisky has come across Laphroaig. The beautiful location of the distillery and colourful history of the whisky gives it as much character in its physical manifestation as it has in the glass.

Many people love Laphroaig and would happily drink no other. Many others, both those who like and dislike whisky would prefer to have nothing to do with this dram.

As one approaches the distillery there is a display of many ceramic tiles which summarise the feelings of many people towards Laphroaig whisky. They clearly demonstrate the divided opinion in a colourful, humorous and often quite cheeky manner.

When all said and done however, Laphroaig has earned its place in the upper echelons of the Malt Whisky world. I’m sure it will be enjoyed and avoided in equal measure for many years to come