Apparently, some people don’t like whisky!

There are a number of reason why some people do not feel able to enjoy whisky in the same way as many of us do. Reasons why people don’t like whisky may include:

  • Don’t like the taste

  • Don’t like the smell

  • Too strong

  • Too harsh

  • Bad memories from earlier experience.

  • Too elitist.

I always encourage people who may be reticent about attempting to develop a taste for whisky to visit a few distilleries in order to learn more about the entire process of whisky making and the culture which surrounds it. Important aspects for people embarking upon such a journey of discovery may include:

  • Simplicity and quality of the ingredients

  • Passion, craft and skill of those making it

  • Fabulous locations of many distilleries

  • History & heritage

  • The effect upon local employment and economy.

Such visits can also assist in introducing novices to whisky by demonstrating the complexity of the spirit and the various styles available. Tutored tastings, often matched with various food groups, can guide them towards identifying particular flavours and characteristics. This may form the initial stages of a budding whisky drinker finding out what they may enjoy or prefer.

I have witnessed people taking this journey of discovery, watching them first accept whisky and thereafter begin to enjoy it.

Some people understand the pleasure, camaraderie and fun which the enjoyment of whisky can provide. Rather than accepting that they stay on the ‘outside’ we should gently encourage people who currently don’t like whisky, (but may wish to enjoy it as others do), to learn more about the industry and gradually find out how they may grow to enjoy this great spirit as many of us already do.